Australian Cabernet Sauvignon: 
Oak 3 / Body 4 / Sweetness 0

Australian Cabernets are typically softer and fruitier. This wine shows complex varietal fruit flavours including cherry and blackberry.

2008 WineMaker International Award Winner


0 -  Unoaked
1 - lightly Oaked
2 -  Medium Oaked
3 -   Medium - Heavy Oaked
4 - Heavy Oaked
5 - Very Heavy Oaked
1 - Light
2 - Light/Medium
3 - Medium
4 - Full
5 - Very Full

0 - Dry
1 - Off Dry
2 - Sweet
6 - Very Sweet
10- Dessert Wine

Grand Cru Cabernet Sauvignon 
Oak 3 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0

Considered the noblest of all grapes, this full-bodied red is dark in colour and aggressive in nature. A hint of violet is present in the bouquet, typical of this variety. It’s superbly enhanced by oaking, and does well with age.

Red Wine
Italian Brunello: 
Oak 4 / Body 5 / Sweetness 0

One of Italy's most popular exports, this powerful classic is full and expressive on the palate with lively cherry fruit and a brisk acidity, supported by ample smooth tannins. Our Sangiovese GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins and oak shavings provide a deep and lingering finish to this garnet wine. 

2009 WineMaker International Award Winner

California Cabernet Sauvignon(Wine Expert Kit):
Oak 2 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0 

The noble California red grape. Rich in tannis, it produces a deep, full-bodied wine with intense aroma and flavour. A robust wine, perfect with red meat or wild game. Best when aged for several months.​
California Merlot(Wine Expert Kit)
Oak 2 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0

The plump, lush fruitness of this respected grape translates into a wine which perfectly balances berry and spice flavours with a smooth, supple texture. Mouth-filling and delicious; a standout with grilled meats.​
Cru Select Malbec:
Oak 4/ Body 4 / Sweetness 0

Sleek and focused, with layers of juicy fruit and earthy flavors, this full-bodied wine sets the stage for a dramatic experience. Seductively deep red in color, aromas of crushed blackberries and vanilla follow through to a densely packed palate richly blessed with streaks of chocolate interwoven with abundant oak tones. Fermented on heavily toasted Hungarian oak shavings, the finish is dramatic and long.

2008, 2010 and 2011 WineMaker International Award Winner

Italian Valpolicella:
Oak 3 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0

Elegance and style come together to build this wine of true character. It boasts of a fruit forward nose distinguished by aromas of raisins, dark cherries and toasted oak. Drawing inspiration from the Primitivo grape skins, it showcases firm tannins on the palate embraced by concentrated notes of sweet chocolate and prunes. The finish is dramatic, peppered with layers of dark fruit and aggressive oak.
2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2013 WineMaker International Award Winner
Grand Cru Liebfraumilch:
Oak 0 / Body 2 / Sweetness 1 

A delightful blend of Rieslings, fruity in aroma and clean in taste. Well balanced as both a dry, crisp wine or as a medium sweet wine. Pleasant in its youth.

White Wine
Grand Cru Pinot Grigio:
Oak 2 / Body 2 / Sweetness 0

Dry with overtones of green melon leading to a crisp, clean finish. A bouquet of honey and herbs completes the experience.

2007 and 2008 WineMaker International Award Winner

Oak 2 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0 

Our version of this classic is clean and crisp, with rich, toasted oak flavours and a hint of apples and pears.

2007 and 2008 WineMaker International Award Winner

Cru International German Gewürtztraminer:
Oak 0 / Body 4 / Sweetness 1

Inviting aromas of tropical fruit, lychee and guava characterize this off-dry favourite. The addition of the Suss-Reserve Pack and elderflowers add a deep floral dimension, which is balanced by a vibrant crisp finish.

Italian Pinot Grigio: 
Oak 0 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0

Crisp and flavourful, this wine has delicate floral notes with tropical fruit aromas and hints of green apple, melon and citrus. Soft and fruity, yet assertive and dry. 

2007 and 2008 WineMaker International Award Winner


With succulent peach and juicy tropical fruit flavors, there's lots to love about new California Moscato. Moscato is one of the top-selling white wines in North America. When developing this wine, Winexpert profiled it after Barefoot Cellars Moscato - the top selling Moscato in the U.S. In blind tasting at Winexpert and at Andrew Peller Limited, not only did World Vineyard California Moscato score When developing this wine, Winexpert profiled it after Barefoot Cellars Moscato - the top selling Moscato in the U.S. In blind tasting at Winexpert and at Andrew Peller Limited, not only did World Vineyard California Moscato score exceptionally well, but it received the exact same scores as the Barefoot Moscato

Orchard Breezin' Green Apple / Gewurztraminer

This poular, pale straw-colored wine is intensely flavorful, reminiscent of a freshly cut green apple. The pleasant soft acidity and luscious, fruity aroma of this crisp wine make it a great refresher for a hot summer day. This is a RJ Spagnols award winning wine.

Orchard Breezin' Black Cherry / Pinot Noir

This off -dry ruby red wine presents succulent flavors of fresh, ripe black cherries balanced by a subtly touch of tannins. Light and fruity this thirst quencher is a great addition to any summer festivity. 

Orchard Breezin' Blackberry / Merlot

Reward your passion for intense exotic flavors with this garnet-colored red wine. Colorful tastes of juicy blackberries and ripe currants round out a truly flavorful experience to share with friends. This is a RJ Spagnols award winning wine! 

Orchard Breezin' Blueberry Shiraz

Imagine an inviting bowl of plump and juicy sweet blueberries and add a splash of Shiraz. Experience the exciting combination of freshly picked dark fruit flavours with a delicate touch of tannins and structure. 

2008 WineMaker International Award Winner

Orchard Breezin' Pomegranate Wildberry Zinfandel

This red wine brings together juicy and sweet flavours of wildberries and the rich crisp notes or orchard fresh pomegranates. Combined with the rich flavour of Zinfandel, this delicious elixir is best enjoyed chilled.

Island Mist Kiwi Pear (Wine Expert)

Crisply tart and delightfully fruity with a luscious combination of kiwi, pineapple and banana flavors which meld beautifully into rich pear aromas. ​
Orchard Breezin' Peach / Chardonnay

The luscious scent of ripe peaches explodes from this exceptionally crisp, flavorful wine. it blends the varietal notes of Chardonnay with the natural sweetness of juicy peaches. pale straw in color, this wine is a natural addition to a lazy afternoon, or an evening barbecue

Superfruits Acai Raspberry Cabernet Sauvignon 

Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) is grown in the palm trees of the Amazon rainforest and said to be one of the most nutritious foods in the world. It has 15 times greater antioxidant properties than grapes and a great source of amino acids. It is thought the boost energy, improve digestion and create mental clarity. This small dark purple fruit is so tasty, a blend of berries with a hint of chocolate, that you can hardly believe that it is also good for you. Combine this intense fruit with sweet, ripe raspberries and Cabernet Sauvignon to create a powerhouse of a wine.

Orchard Breezin' Cranberry Chianti

The crisp taste of fresh cranberries is harmoniously blended with the fruity, velvety richness of Chianti in this sweet, plum- red wine. Its robust, yet elegant, sweet berry flavours make it the perfect poolside companion. 

2007 WineMaker International Award Winner

Orchard Breezin' Strawberry / Riesling

This light refreshing wine offers the delightfully sweet aroma of fresh-picked field strawberries blended with a rich melange of honey, tropical fruit and floral Riesling flavors. Try it chilled for added invigorating freshness!

Orchard Breezin'-Tropical Lime

Fresh and zesty lime notes are perfectly balanced with the subtle flavour of coconut and citrus.
Orchard Breezin' Raspberry White Zinfandel 

This blush wine offers the succulent, mouth- watering flavors of sweet, ripe raspberries blended gracefully with the delectable refreshing character of a White Zinfandel. 

2007 and 2008 WineMaker International Award Winner

Australian Shiraz:
Oak 5 / Body 4 / Sweetness 0 

The wine is deep and dark in colour with a rich bouquet of fruit and a hint of cassis. It ages gracefully into a velvety wine of pure elegance.

2007, 2008 and 2009 WineMaker International Award Winner

Grand Cru Pinot Noir:
Oak 3 / Body 4 / Sweetness 0

A rich red wine, hearty in nature and smooth in flavour. The soft texture and dark colour complement the flavours of berry fruit, with a subtle raspberry undertone. 

Washington State Merlot (Wine Expert Kit)
Oak 2 / Body 4 / Sweetness 0

Ruby red colour with a nose of fruit and spice. Rich silky flavors of red berries, spice and plum with a smooth finish. Pair this Merlot with roasted duck breast or beef burgundy.
Italian Barolo:
Oak 2 / Body 4 / Sweetness 0

Deep red in colour and aggressive in structure, this full bodied dry wine has many fans. Intense flavours of violets, cherries and cocoa are set firmly against a backdrop of silky, yet firm tannins. Undertones of toasted oak dominate the long finish along with dark fruit and firm acidity. This traditional bold wine compliments fettuccine Bolognese, roast pork with garlic and rosemary, brie and camembert.

2008 WineMaker International Award Winner

Italian Rosso Grande Eccellente:
Oak 4 / Body 5 / Sweetness 0

When the original Rosso Grande™ kit launched over ten years ago, it quickly became the most talked about and popular wine kit of its time. The Rosso Grand™ Eccellente is the next evolution of that masterpiece. Deep, dark, and rich, this assertive wine is bold in all aspects. A delectable bouquet of sweet, ripe berries, spices, and farm cherries opens up to the palate, stacked with juicy fruit flavors and firmly structured tannins. Fermented on Merlot winery grape skins and un-toasted American Oak, this wine is sure to create new waves of excitement.

Italian Amarone:
Oak 5 / Body 5 / Sweetness 0

Unique to the Valpolicella region of Italy, our Amarone is packed with rich raspberry, blackberry and cassis flavours. Deep, dark and inviting, the finish is long, lingering and full of ripe tannins. 

2007 and 2008 WineMaker International Award Winner
French Merlot:
Oak 3 / Body 3-4 / Sweetness 0

This Merlot is a full-bodied red wine with impressive aromas of farm fresh strawberries, violets and vanilla framed with soft silky tannins. On the palate, it presents powerful notes of ripe raspberries, cradled by notes of cherries and dark fruit to complete the graceful tasting experience. 

2007 and 2008 WineMaker International Award Winner
Orchard Breezin' Seville Orange Sangria

Discover this popular red wine based beverage that promises to whisk you away to the sandy beaches of Spain with it`s fresh and sweet juicy flavours balanced by the bitterness of the Seville Orange. Bring out your creative side by adding some chopped fruits or simply enjoy topped up with chilled club soda. 

2009 WineMaker International Award Winner
Italian Montepulciano (Wine Expert Kit)
Oak 2 / Body 5 / Sweetness 0  

Montepulciano is a vigorous red grape variety widely planted over much of east-central Italy, capable of creating deeply coloured, rich red wines with blackberry fruit flavours and spicy, peppery tannin levels. Montepulciano generally produces wines that are smooth and mellow yet robust and mouth filling, with dependably high alcohol content. Superb with veal and pasta an Italian gem you won't want to miss.

Luna Rosso (Wine Expert Kit)
Oak 3 / Body 5 / Sweetness 0 

Bold, robust and intense: Winexpert's 'Big Red' is the largest, most full-bodied red wine ever released! A dark, inviting colour and rich, bold oak-enchanced aromas suggest at what is to come: an abundance of mouth-filling, chewy berry flavours. Luna Rossa is complex, with rich layers of fruit and solid supporting tannins, capped by a long oak finish. A powerful wine matching startling flavours and aromas with elegance and finesse.

EnPrimeur Winery Series Italian Zinfandel 
Oak 5 / Body 5 / Sweetness 0

A bouquet of black cherries and plump dark fruit are framed by the ample aromas of tobacco and dark coffee. Fruit forward with an array of spicy flavors on the finish.
Includes 2 liters of Genuwine Crushed Grape Skins. Fermenting your wine on GenuWine Grape Skins will add deep hues, enhanced bouquet, and a lingering finish to our select red wines.

German Riesling Traminer :
Oak 0 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0 

The fresh, crisp flavors of Riesling combined with the exotic spiciness of Gewürztraminer produce a dry wine with immense character and a well-balanced finish.

2007 WineMaker International Award Winner

Ice / Port / Dessert Wines
Riesling Ice Wine Style 
Oak 0 / Body 5 / Sweetness 6++

A must for every wine cellar, Icewine is the perfect end to any meal and a great addition to your favourite cocktails. Riesling's acidity adds the perfect balance to the intense sweetness. Sinfully delicious with intense apricots, apples and pears on the nose, following through to tempting flavours of honey and lychee that linger on the palate. The perfect finish to any meal, pair this nectar with strong cheeses, custard desserts or foie gras.
Vanilla Fig Port 
Oak 0 / Body 5 / Sweetness 6++

! Dark berry and dried fruit aromas complemented by baking spices and vanilla bean. Very complex on the palate with dried fruit, vanilla flavors and spice notes coming through on the finish

California Pinot Noir
Oak 3 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0 

Recognized as a premier grape growing region, California is known for intensely flavourful Pinot Noirs. Medium to full-bodied, this wine presents a bouquet of rich tobacco, ripe blackberries and spices. The palate is treated to a heady experience of dark cherries, a hint of oak and velvety tannins.

 2007, 2008 and 2009 WineMaker International Award Winner

Orchard Breezin' Watermelon White Merlot

This refreshing blush wine presents all the characteristics of a slice of fresh watermelon. Balanced with thirst quenching crispness and juicy sweetness, serve it chilled to best enjoy the invigorating flavor of this classic summer beverage.

Raspberry Mocha Port
Oak 0 / Body 5 / Sweetness 6++

This wonderful dessert wine has aromas of dark chocolate and coffee blended with ripe juicy raspberry jam to draw you in. A spectacular ruby red wine is a must for any dessert lover. It is sweet on the palate with delicious nuances of cocoa powder and coffee to balance perfectly and includes just a hint of tangy acidity from the raspberry. The perfect wine to indulge in this holiday season
California Muscat:
Oak 0 / Body 2 / Sweetness 1 

A luscious blend with flavors and aromas of peach, apricot, baked apple, and pear. This soft white wine also has a hint of tropical fruit and is the perfect match for lobster, barbecue, or baklava.

Black Forest Port
Oak 0 / Body 5 / Sweetness 6++

Bursting with rich aromas of red and dark cherry, this full-flavored Port style also has a hint of dark chocolate fused with plum and toasted oak on the nose. Rich and sweet on the palate with an enjoyable warm finish, this dessert in a bottle is an irresistible complement to your holiday festivities.
Winery Series Winemaker's Trio
Oak 3 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0 

​The Winemaker’s Trio is the perfect blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Zinfandel. This new world style red has a nicely integrated balance of tannins and acidity. It features an inviting blend of vanilla, red berries, and black cherry on the nose and it combines the sweet flavors of ripe raspberry, chocolate, and cherry on the palate.

Red wines in the Cellar Classic Winery Series are produced by fermenting grape juice on crushed grape skins, seeds and stems. This allows the winemaker to extract deep color, chewy tannins, tantalizing flavors and complex aromas to produce richly structured wines.
Grand Cru Merlot
Oak 4 / Body 4 / Sweetness 0

A smooth rich wine, medium dark in color, tasting of blackberry and currants. You’ll note a hint of green olive in the nose.
2008 and 2015 WineMaker International Award Winner
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc:  
Oak 1 / Body 3 / Sweetness 0

This renowned New Zealand wine presents soft hues in the glass. It is crisp and light, with intense flavors of grapefruit peel, freshly cut grass, and light oak on the finish.

2007, 2008, 2010 and 2013 WineMaker International Award Winner
Cabernet Franc Desert Wine
Oak 0 / Body 5 / Sweetness 6++

Your palate will be overcome with flavors of sweet and tart red berries and apricots. A lingering honey finish will have you craving more.

Island Mist Raspberry Peach Sangria (Wine Expert Kit)

Sweet, ripe raspberries mix with juicy peach undertones for the perfect summer sangria - fruity, refreshing, and easy drinking.

Fruit Concentrates
Concord Grape - Makes 5 Gallons of wine - $42.99
Other Flavors:
Black Currant
​Orchard Breezin' Plum Passion 

This elegant wine offers aromas of fresh, succulent red plums with just a touch of floral notes on the nose. The palate is juicy and complex with hints of spice and plum coming through on the finish.