The Wine List
Black C P. no R. - Black Cherry Pinot Noir

This off -dry ruby red wine presents succulent flavors of fresh, ripe black cherries balanced by a subtly touch of tannins. 

Glass $4.00 Bottle $8.99

Semi-Sweet Wines
StrawBee Reasoning - Strawberry Riesling

This light refreshing wine offers the delightfully sweet aroma of fresh-picked field strawberries blended with a rich melange of honey, tropical fruit and floral Riesling flavors.

Glass $4.00 Bottle $8.99

Peachy Chanay - Peach Chardonnay

The luscious scent of ripe peaches explodes from this exceptionally crisp, flavorful wine. it blends the varietal notes of Chardonnay with the natural sweetness of juicy peaches.

Glass $4.00 Bottle $8.99

White Wines
Reasoning - German Riesling Auslese

This medium bodied, straw coloured wine presents perfumy aromas of citrus fruits, honey and ripe pears and luscious flavours of green apples, peaches and tropical fruits.

Glass $5.00  Bottle $11.00

The Chardon Way - Chardonnay

Naked? style focuses attention on the complex fruit character making the wine more refreshing and versatile. Grapefruit, green apple, and pear aromatics dominate the nose. The medium body is clean and crisp with flavours of green apple and citrus which continue through the wonderful finish.

Glass $5.00 Bottle $11.00
White Zinny  - White Zinfandel

This easy drinking blush wine offers fresh floral notes on the nose and palate. It is medium bodied with an attractive display of citrus flavours and a soft, off dry finish.

Glass $4.00   Bottle $9.50

Pezzy Grezzy  - Pinot Gris

Displays aromatic notes of green apple and lemon against a floral and honeyed background.

Glass $5.00  Bottle $11.50

Converts 2 Meaner - Gewurztraminer

The Washington juice contributes delightful spice and subtle grapefruit and lychee elements which are typical of cool climate gewrtraminer. The California content introduces green apple and ripe pear notes to the aromatics and flavour of the wine

Glass $5.00  Bottle $11.00

Red Wines
Caber Ray - Cabernet

Prized for its depth of flavour and aroma, it boasts a cherry-currant flavour with herbal undertones, nicely rounded with oak.

Glass $5.00  Bottle $11.00

BB Murry Low - Blackberry Merlot

Reward your passion for intense exotic flavors with this garnet-colored red wine. Colorful tastes of juicy blackberries and ripe currants round out a truly flavorful experience to share with friends.

Glass $4.00 Bottle $8.99

P. no R. - Pinot Noir

Expect to enjoy lively black cherry and cranberry aromas and flavours against subtle spice and almond in the background. The soft, light to medium-bodied wine may be lightly chilled and enjoyed as an aperitif.

Glass $4.50   Bottle $9.99

Murry Low Down - Merlot

The wine releases aromas of raspberry and
cherry and a subtle toasted note, followed
by flavours of raspberry and strawberry. Gentle tannins and well-integrated oak contribute structure to the fruit-driven profile without being too aggressive

Glass $5.00   Bottle $11.00

Ause Shiraze - Australian Shiraz

The wine shows a deep crimson colour with
purple undertones. The up-front aromatics reflect the typical dark fruit notes of blackberry, cherry, and plum, complimented by restrained black pepper which should become more pronounced with age. In the background are subtle layers of toast and vanilla from the oak. The aromas continue to the palate creating a soft, rounded expression of the fruits, spice, and oak. Tannins are in gentle harmony with the overall impression and create a well defined yet delicate frame for the wine.

Glass $5.50  Bottle $12.00

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Raspy White Zinny - Raspberry White Zinfandel

This blush wine offers the succulent, mouth- watering flavors of sweet, ripe raspberries blended gracefully with the delectable refreshing character of a White Zinfandel. 

Glass $4.00 Bottle $8.99

Rosso Bravissimo - Rosso Grande Eccellente

Deep, dark, and rich, this assertive wine is bold in all aspects. A delectable bouquet of sweet, ripe berries, spices, and farm cherries opens up to the palate, stacked with juicy fruit flavors and firmly structured tannins. Fermented on Merlot winery grape skins and un-toasted American Oak, this wine is sure to create new waves of excitement

Glass  $6.00    Bottle $14.50

Orange Chocolate Delight - Orange Chocolate Port

This rich specialty wine is an intricate melange of lively flavours that tempt the nose and reward the palate. Rich aromas of dark chocolate are set gracefully against a frame of refreshing citrus and vanilla notes. The palate is endowed with a full bodied experience and a finely balanced combination of delicious chocolate, hints of orange peel and a medium, sweet finish.

Glass $6.00  Bottle $19.50

Caramel Green Apple -  Green Apple Gewurztraminer with Caramel

This popular, pale straw-colored wine is intensely flavorful, reminiscent of a freshly cut green apple with a nice dose of caramel. The pleasant soft acidity and luscious, fruity aroma of this crisp wine make it a great refresher for a hot summer day. This is a RJ Spagnols award winning wine.

Glass $4.00 Bottle $8.99

Watermelon White Murry Low - Watermelon
White Merlot

This refreshing blush wine presents all the characteristics of a slice of fresh watermelon. Balancing thirst quenching crispness with juicy sweetness, Watermelon White Merlot is best served chilled to enjoy the invigorating flavor of this classic summer beverage.

Glass $4.00 Bottle $8.99

Tropical Lime – Tropical Lime 

Fresh and zesty lime notes are perfectly balanced with the subtle flavors of coconut and citrus. The perfect summer refreshment!.

Glass $4.00 Bottle $8.99